Our service follows the pattern of historic Christian liturgy. A Holy Eucharist service is comprised of two main parts: Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Table. In the Liturgy of the Word we speak Scripture aloud, we sing songs of praise, we pray together as a congregation, we hear God's Word preached. In the Liturgy of the Table we are invited to participate in the Eucharist meal of bread and wine that has been blessed in prayer that we might feast together in our weekly celebration of Christ's death and resurrection.

As Anglicans, we stand to sing, kneel to pray, and sit to learn. We believe that God created a physical universe for a reason, and as such we want to worship him with our entire selves. You'll notice people genuflecting or making the sign of the cross at various points of the liturgy. You'll see candles and icons, crosses and people wearing strange garments.  Some weeks you may smell incense or see people undergo the rite of baptism or confirmation. All of these things have  rich history and meaning. To those unfamiliar with more liturgical worship styles, they may seem distracting at first. Over time, however, they become second-nature and are a beautiful means of keeping our worship and knowledge of God from being trapped in our heads as we learn to worship with our whole selves: body, mind, and spirit.

We invite all people to come and experience Jesus in our celebration of him. If you want to know more about what it means to be a Christian, we'd love to talk with you! Get in touch here.

We have dedicated childcare for children under the age of 10. To learn more about our Children's Ministry, click here.