Children’s Ministry and Liturgy of the Word

We believe in caring for the unique spiritual needs of our children, just as we believe in caring for the spiritual needs for adults. Three times a month, we offer children’s liturgy of the Word where children 3-9 can go and hear Christ speaking directly to them.

This is not because we think children can’t somehow understand the teachings in our adult liturgy, or are a distraction in that gathering. Rather, we believe that God can and wants to speak to the joys and trials of childhood uniquely and directly. As such, we want them to hear from Him and celebrate in the renewing work He’s doing in their hearts.

And of course, since we are a sacramental people, the children’s liturgy of the Word concludes around when the adult liturgy of the Word does, so adults and children celebrate together as one gathering during the liturgy of the Table.


For children under 3, we offer our nursery most weeks. This is a supervised space where children from newborns to toddlers are looked over and given the chance to play while their parents attend the service. Like our Children’s Liturgy of the Word, the nursery ends before the Liturgy of the Table so that the little ones can join us in celebrating Christ’s feast.